Property Management in Woking.

Added to the GH portfolio in 2009, Maybury Rough is a 3-floor period property in Woking which has been converted into 10 flats each with their own individual entrances. The client was looking for a more dedicated, personal property management service in Woking, following the expansion of their previous agent. Qualities that were the driving force behind the conception of GH Property Management Services Limited.

Managing Leaseholder Relationships requires knowledge and experience to ensure we are fair and objective, courteous and logical, a service we have provided to Maybury Rough for over a decade.

Regular site visits ensure the property is well maintained and the grounds contractor keeps the gardens beautifully pristine.

GH worked with BPL contractors to carry out its most recent Major Exterior Redecoration Project in late 2019 early 2020. You can see the case study for this project here.

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