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Block Management

Block management can be complex and time consuming but at GH Property Management we provide a wealth of knowledge and experience to our clients, offering bespoke property management packages to suit the individual requirements of each development.  We pride ourselves in maintaining personal attention to the management of each of our blocks and provide a proactive approach to working with our clients from our offices in London, Winchester and Bournemouth.  Our Property Managers are working continuously to ensure the smooth running of each property and are always on hand to deal with issues as and when they arise.

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This type of management covers a range of services such as property maintenance, service charge budgets, bookkeeping and accounting and much more.  It can be a very daunting duty and is best left in the hands of professionals like ourselves.

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High Standards

We care about the properties that we look after and want leaseholders’ to enjoy the property that they own and take pride in where they live. We believe that by maintaining high standards and reacting promptly to issues, it encourages the block community to do likewise.

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H&S Compliance

The safety of residents, visitors and contractors is at the centre of all we do. At GH we take seriously our responsibility of ensuring that all properties are compliant with current Health and Safety legislation and Fire Risk compliance.


Day to Day

GH Property Management Services remove the worry and liability of the day to day management tasks. We are a customer focused block management company and we believe that positive lines of communication between us and clients are vitally important.

Grounds Maintenance

tab-fst-imageAt GH Property Management we have positive relationships with all of our contractors and those responsible for gardening and grounds maintenance share in our belief that first impressions of their development are of paramount importance. All grounds maintenance programmes are customised to meet the requirements of particular properties as well as the changing times of year.


tab-fst-imageWe have regular communication with all of our cleaning contractors so as to allow them opportunities to share feedback on individual properties. We recognise that cleaning impacts on wear and tear, pests and odours so we recognise the importance of keeping buildings in good order both for the purpose of finances as well as the comfort of residents.

Site visits

tab-fst-imageIt is of paramount importance to us to ensure that all buildings are well maintained. We carry out regular inspections of every site, and complete reports, with photographic evidence, both for our own records and for the benefit of the client, and with discussion with them as and when necessary, and to ensure that short, medium and long term progress can be monitored and evaluated.


tab-fst-imageWe take the stress of dealing with insurance away from the Freeholders and leaseholders. As a policy is due for renewal, we review and source the best available insurance policies and quotations to ensure properties are adequately covered for the best possible premium.

Accounting & Financial


Each property has an individual annual service charge budget. The budget is available to all parties and aims to take into account all anticipated work required on the building for the year ahead.

Service Charge Accounts

GH Property Management is responsible for collecting Ground Rent, service charges and reserve funds. We ensure that each block has its own dedicated bank account for the collection of such charges. At the end of each service charge year, full service charge accounts are drawn up and are made available upon request for inspection by the Freeholder and Leaseholders. Bank statements and reports are readily available to clients upon request.

Credit Control

We have an in-depth knowledge of the budget for each property and we recognise how essential it is to have sufficient funds. We have a stringent collection policy and at times it is necessary for legal debt recovery action to be taken.

General Maintenance

GH Property Management Services carefully chooses suitable contractors, and are constantly looking for good levels of response and communication from them. As such, we have established a bank of approved contractors, and endeavour to ensure that clients receive the best possible value for their money whilst still ensuring that quality is upheld.

Major Works

GH Property Management takes away the pressure and responsibility from our clients; Freeholders and leaseholders, of having to manage major works programmes. We comply with all Section 20 notice requirements for work over £250.00 per leaseholder. We charge 10% of the net contracted price for the management of each large project, with this fee covering and including the distribution of the correct paperwork, management of timescales in between notices and the organisation of contractors for quotations.