Property Management Arlesford, Hampshire

Property Management Arlesford

This property became part of the GH portfolio in 2014 following a recommendation from Leaseholders that owned a flat at another property being managed by GH and were in need of a more consistent approach to finance management. We believed that with some proper budgeting and forecasting a good reserve could be built to enable the proper care and maintenance needed for this 200-year-old building to take place. Originally built as a ‘handsome Italianate Georgian mansion’ in 1774 by William Harris, Arlebury Park House has undergone 2 conversions. Firstly in 1944, when the estate was owned by E E Witchard, the building was converted into 8 flats, then again in the mid-1990s by the M25 Group, 12 flats were created as well as some of the original outbuildings converted into living quarters. High standards of garden maintenance and tree works ensure the picturesque grounds are well kept all year round.

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