As a Managing Agent, the umbrella over everything we do is dictated by the terms of the Lease. When we take on the management of a new block, we instruct a Solicitor to carry out a Lease Review to ensure compliance with the terms of the Lease. As your Managing Agent we are responsible for ensuring all relevant parties abide by the covenants contained within your Lease. Non-payment of service charges, persistent noise, breach of H&S regulations, subletting or unauthorised alterations are among the common breaches of the Lease that we experience. In the first instance, the Property Manager would attempt to rectify the matter through positive lines of communication with the Client. Where this is unsuccessful, subject to Landlord authorisation, we would instruct Solicitors in relation to breaches. In the vast majority of cases, breaches are remedied before forfeiture proceedings are necessary but where appropriate, GH will represent the Landlord at County Court, arbitration and Tribunals.

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