About GH Property Management. Borne from the frustrations of CEO, Liam O’Sullivan, working as a Property Manager within the industry, GH Property Management was created in late 2008 (with the limited company being formed a few months later in June 2009) with the sole aim of “doing it right”. Liam built his portfolio of clients from just 3 to over 50 in the first year.

Since this time, and with the expansion of the Board of Directors in 2015, GH has now evolved into a significant company within the industry, boasting a dedicated team of Property Managers, supported by specialist administrative staff who aim to take care of the wide and varied roles and responsibilities that a block and estate managing agent is required to undertake.

2018 saw the introduction of our site visit inspection audit ‘app’ which enables us to provide bespoke management to each of our clients, through a system developed by us, for us. It’s since been very popular with a lot of our clients who strongly agree that our audits are better than they’ve seen anywhere else.

In 2019, GH celebrated it’s 10th birthday, and with that came a change to the company colours, logo and strap-line.  Taking us from the place where Excellence met Expectation, to now be: The Right Choice.

Continuing to expand to the demanding needs of the industry, GH now offers a bespoke Health and Safety Managed service, alongside our property management services, to relieve the burden of risk from our clients. Our managed approach ensures that all developments managed by us are fully risk assessed, compliant, and most importantly; safe.

To learn more about GH Property Management, the services we offer, and how we deliver them to our clients, contact us now. We can’t wait to help.

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