At GH, not only do we work together with the Leaseholders, our relationships with the RMC/RTM Company Board and Landlord are just as important. Quite often, whilst it is the Leaseholders that may call or email us to report and discuss matters, our most important communications happen with these point of contacts who give us the permissions, authority and instructions to act. What we feel is most valuable about our appointment as a Managing Agent is the support and advice that we are able to provide the RMC/RTM Company Board and Landlord from our experience and knowledge within the industry. As an ARMA member we receive regular updates on guidance notes on which we base our knowledge and practices so that we are able to guide the relevant parties on the industry requirements and procedures. We collate and record your company information and communication to a file where we can then advise the RMC/RTM Company Board and Landlord on other important matters such as communications, events and instances happening at or regarding the property and the financial status of the company.

As an additional service we are able to act on behalf of the Company as the Company Secretary. Within this role we can take on additional duties such as the management of the Company meetings and tasks required with Companies House.

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