Why appoint a managing agent to look after your development?

When you buy a leasehold flat, part of the terms and conditions of your lease is that you have a joint responsibility for the maintenance and general upkeep of the communal parts of the development, for example the gardens and the roof. It is common for a residential managing agent such as GH Property Management to be appointed by the party responsible for the running of the property to take on this role on their behalf in order that we may bring an organised and efficient approach to the planning and collection of the service charges and reserve funds, the timetables for cyclical redecorations and day to day repairs and inspection of works.

 So what happens once you have GH Property Management as your managing agent?

Management Agreement

Once you have approved our proposal and quotation, we shall provide you with a management agreement which both parties shall sign, to clearly set out the roles and responsibilities that we shall undertake as your agents, and to confirm our start date.


Handover Checklist

We shall contact the outgoing agents to confirm our appointment and provide them with our handover checklist to ensure that all required items to effectively manage the block have been requested. If the client currently manages the development themselves, this shall be provided directly to them for their consideration.

Regular Handover Contact

Regular contact will be kept with the outgoing agents and the client in order to ensure that progress is being made in the handover and that the client is aware of said progress in the lead up to the date of handover.

Transfer of Paperwork

At the point of handover, the transfer of paperwork is arranged (either the physical paperwork, or electronic copies via e­mail), the keys collected and the transfer of funds completed. If a retention of some funds is required by the outgoing agents, this is followed up on within 2 weeks of the handover, and any failure to supply necessary items is pursued by us.

Take the Development Forward

All necessary information is inputted into our systems ready for us to use in the management of your development. We then meet with the client to discuss how to take the development forward and the short, medium and long term targets that need to be completed.

GH Property Management Services

GH Property Management Services is a team of professionals who help ease your work load, and are specialists who come with all the experience and knowledge needed to take on any scale of property; both large and small properties as well as old and new blocks and estates.


We offer bespoke, tailor made packages allowing our clients to choose what service we provide for the fee charged. We pride ourselves on positive relationships with clients, and we meet to discuss individual management needs before providing our proposal and quotation for your consideration.