GH is built around six core management values that are not only followed and adhered to by our staff and contractors but are believed in. They unite our team and form the basis of the GH culture and how we deliver our service:

Professional – We take responsibility and ownership of ourselves, our actions and our role at GHPMS. We are reliable.

Hardworking – We work with purpose and commitment.

Honest – We have strong moral principles. We communicate clearly and trust each other to work independently with integrity; to make the right choice.

Determined – We strive to succeed and improve.

Caring – We look out for each other. We take the safety of ourselves, our clients and our contractors seriously.

A Family – We create an environment in which we are appreciative and respectful of each other. We laugh, we have fun.

These provide the the foundations for our promise to our industry; to be The Right Choice.

We believe in who we are and these values are what sets us apart from our competition.

Our core values are further extended by our Customer Service Charter which defines our commitment to our clients, our customer service and our service delivery.

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